A Billion Digits of Pi


Happy Pi Day! (3/14)

Although it's only really Pi day in the United States— where we (for some strange reason) put the month before the day and year when we write-out our date— we hope our friends from around the world can enjoy this without having to wait until July 22nd (22/7 being one representation of Pi).

Here you will find, if you scroll long enough, Pi to a billion digits. Of course, as an irregular number, it goes on far longer than that. As of today people have calculated it to 2 trillion digits (2,000 times the number of maximum number of digits presented here). Don't believe me? Confirm it at MIT.

Search Pi for your favorite number:

Give me a number and I'll tell you where it occurs within the first Billion digits of Pi. For example: the year you were born, your zip code, 123456789. (or look at what people searched for over the last year)


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